Frequently Asked Questions

Will you post on Holidays?

YES. We are working 7days weekly and 365 days a year. and we provide Free Craigslist Ad Posting

Should I pay for Phone Verified Accounts and Proxies?

Totally NO. We will use our own Phone Verified Accounts (PVA) and Dedicated server Proxies and this save your money.

Can you post the ads in many cities? And sections?

YES. We can post single city and multiple cities. Also we cover up all the Categories.

How long will my ad campaign run?

You should run at least one week and please contact me if you want to run less than one week.

How many ads can be posted daily?

We can post more than 1000 ads per client per day and minimum post with 10 ads per day per client.

Once I paid how long it will take you to start the posting?

Your ads will be process in 24-48 hours of your order successfully paid.

What does “FLAGGING” mean?

Your ad will be removed from the live page in after a period of time. It is usually by competitor reporting your ads are spam. We are not charging if ads removed in 4 hrs from LIVE page.

We cannot control 3rd parties flagging the ads.

What is your payment mode?

We accept most of the online platforms like PAYPAL, WESTERN UNION, Credit Cards and Bit coin.